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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring people together to unlock their potential

How? By intelligently matching engineers and programmers from around the world over video chat and other collaboration tools. We enable Pramp users to share knowledge, learn from one another and prepare for their next coding interview, with astonishing, unprecedented results.

About Us

At Pramp, practice makes perfect.

Pramp was founded in 2015 by myself, Rafi Zikavashvili & my friend and colleague David Glauber. As engineers ourselves, we were frustrated by the lack of available and effective methods to help us prepare for coding interviews.

Believing that the key to scoring coding interviews and landing the job of your dreams lies within the interview preparation process, we got an idea. Our need motivated for a way to prepare for software engineering interviews led us to develop and offer a free peer-to-peer mock interviewing platform for other engineers.

Since we first launched, we have paired tens of thousands of engineers looking to prepare for coding interviews, and we are continuing to grow at lightspeed.

Technological advances and social networking have created a new reality for coding interview prep - and this has inspired the Pramp team to build an entire digital world, within which anyone can gain (and share) new knowledge, in real- time, and at no cost, simply by pairing them with other like-minded individuals.

Talented developers and engineers, which our platform recognizes as promising candidates, will also receive job interview invites from real companies - our partners.
No need for a resume - just skills and talent.


July 2015

Pramp is launched as a side project by Rafi & David - who knew it would come so far?


February 2016

Pramp joins the YC Fellowhip Program

March 2016

Pramp hits 1,000 scheduled interviews in a single month - a moment of sheer pride

May 2016

Welcome - Matan Goldschmiedt, our Co-founder and Head of Engineering

August 2016

Pramp hits 2,000 scheduled interviews in a single month - doubling our pride!

October 2016

Pramp hits 3,000 scheduled interviews in a single month! tipping the pride scales at triple the glee!


March 2017

Matan and Rafi move out of Matan’s garage to their new office at Block 71, South Park Street, San Francisco - about time!

March 2017

Matan has to leave his dog, Crispy, at home - so sad...

April 2017

Pramp 1.0 is launched

May 2017

Pramp hits 6,000 scheduled interviews in a single month

June 2017

Welcome - Omer Gelbard, our new Co-founder and Head of Engineering (Matan transitions to Head of Product)

November 2017

Pramp raises 1st round of seed money from 83North (Formerly Greylock Israel), Nikos Moraitakis (Workable Founder) and other prominent investors


January 2018

Pramp hits 10,000 scheduled interviews in a single month

February 2018

Welcome - Justin Vogel, our new Talent Operations Manager

April 2018

Finally, we moved to our own office at 101 2nd street, San Francisco

The Founders

  • Matan Goldschmiedt

    Head of Product

  • Rafi Zikavashvili


  • Omer Gelbard

    Head of Engineering

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